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Monday, March 14, 2011

Earthquake and Tsunami; Japan's worst crisis since World War II

I think everyone has heard about the 11 March 2011 disaster in Japan. The estimated death toll from last week's massive earthquake off the coast of Japan and resulting tsunami keep increasing. Japan's Government had been declared the 8.9 magnitude earthquake was the strongest since a century. Again, Japan is facing its worst crisis since World War II.

Will not be forgotten, around 1995 Japan was faced the second strongest earthquake in Kobe, causing around 6000 people lost their lives besides of the damaged of people's houses and property.

(Damaged at Sannomiya, Kobe)

The question is how their manage to rebuilt their country despite the loss of nearly 103USD? (around 300 billion Ringgit Malaysia)

Japanese spirit should be respected. Many facts showing the Japanese never give up. My sister was often studying Japanese culture through reading, watching documentaries and loves to collecting DVD about Japenese culture. There some value that we should be emulate. Moreover, they open-heartedly to help each other. During the alleged incident (Kobe's earthquake), Yamaguchi-gumi yakuza or also known as one of the strongest Yakuza syndicate in Japan even involved themselves to distributing and supplies food for the needy victims. Imagine it. Yakuza were known as a mafia or 'black' syndicate in Japan, but still provided help to the needy one.

And today, Japan not only facing foods and water supplies trouble, but also leakage of the nuclear reactor which exposed them to nuclear radiation. Overnight temperatures since the disaster have been near freezing, with survivors huddling in makeshift shelters. Hundreds of thousands of people are struggling to get food and water, and nearly two million households were without electricity. Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan said the challenges facing Japan were great. But he expressed confidence that the Japanese people will overcome the crisis. I'm sure that Japan will keep fighting to recover the damages caused by the disaster.

(People rushing to save the other life)

(The effect of the Tsunami)

Cars are seen perched on a devastated buildings ...
(The damaged of property)

Damaged platforms for bullet trains are seen ...
(Train station was damaged by the earthquake)

(A woman hugs her lovely cat that still survived after the terrible disaster)

(Food supplies for the needy victim at the north Japan)

Thankfully Japan's building were built using the technology which nearly earthquake-proof or maybe more people will lose their life. Howsoever, this disaster can be reminder that no matter how advanced the country is or no matter how brilliant the people are, we can't against Allah's will.

Hope Sato family, our father's adopted family were survived from the terrible disaster. I'm not sure if Oita city was afficted. Hope to see them again someday.

(My father with the Sato family. Captured around 1996)


puteraduyong said...

kasihan mereka semua...

Nashrah Basyirah said...

ya, dalam masa yg sama kagum dgn dengan sikap toleransi dan tenang rakyat jepun yg ditimpa bencana.